The club operates three repeaters (VE7RHS) located atop of North Gage Tower. Our repeaters are known for their excellent coverage of the lower mainland, reaching far into the Fraser Valley, up the coast of Howe Sound and even parts of East Vancouver Island.

Site Information:

  • Latitude: 49.269892 North
  • Longitude: 123.250020 West
  • Elevation: 145m (800 feet) ASL

2m Main VHF repeater (Gage North):

  • Frequency: 145.270 MHz (-600 Khz Offset)
  • IRLP Node Number: 1000
  • Repeater Type: GE MASTR-III
  • Transmitter Power: 110 watts
  • Tx/Rx Antenna: Sinclair SRL 210-C4, Top mounted
  • Duplexer: Telewave 1556 6-cavity Bp/Br
  • Receive Filter Cavity: Telewave 10” Bandpass
  • Receive Preamplifier: ARR P144VDG 24dB gain, 0.5dB NF, with 12dB attenuator
  • Feedline: 3m of RG-214 double shield coax

70cm UHF repeater (Gage North):

  • Frequency: 441.975 MHz (+5 Mhz Offset)
  • IRLP Node Number: 1010
  • Repeater Type: Hytera RD-982 Analog Only
  • Transmitter Power: 45 watts
  • Tx/Rx Antenna: Sinclair SRL 310-C4, Top mounted
  • Duplexer: Telewave TPRD-4544 4-cavity Bp/Br
  • Receive Filter Cavities: Sinclair 8” Bandpass
  • Receive Preamplifier: ARR P432VDG 18dB gain, 0.5dB NF, with 6dB attenuator
  • Feedline: 20m of Andrew 5/8″ LDF4-50A

1.25m VHF repeater (Gage North):

  • Frequency: 224.700 MHz (-1.600 MHz Offset)
  • IRLP Node Number: None
  • Repeater Type: GE MASTR-II Modified
  • Transmitter Power: 30 watts
  • Tx/Rx Antenna: Sinclair SRL 224, cut for 220, Top mounted
  • Duplexer: Sinclair custom Q2220E 4-cavity Bp/Br
  • Receive Filter Cavity: None
  • Receive Preamplifier: Sinclair 12dB
  • Feedline: 30m of Andrew 5/8″ LDF4-50A