This page contains a list of UBC ARS alumni (in no particular order) from over the years. If you are an alumni and wish to reconnect with the ARS or be included on this list please fill out this web form (


CallsignNameClub history
VE7LTD / VA7IPDavid CameronI started in 1998, and quickly took over the maintenance of the repeater and network systems. I still maintain both. I have over the years removed all the old repeater systems and replaced them with new ones, and state-of-the art controllers. I also was instrumental in getting the wired club internet connection, and all the bridges that provide internet to Gage and Buchannan towers. I get a lot of donated commercial equipment and re-purpose it for ham use.
Dale JackmanTechnical advisor, builder of antenna systems, mentor
VE7HEXNiall ParkerJoined 1985, fairly active through my undergrad and grad degrees. Various positions from pop machine to president etc., co-author of both radio texts, delegated examiner for a few years. 44-net ( coordinator. ... spent 10 years on/around campus as undergrad, grad, then researcher, around the club a lot of the time
VE7NPGNicholas GobinPresident 2004-2008
VE7YDMDavid Martindale- Joined the club, passed Basic and Advanced in club test sessions
- Was club treasurer for one year (1999-2000)
- Taught ""Basic Electronics"" section of licensing course for a number of years
- Volunteer for Pacific Spirit Run for a number of years
VE7HDLDoug Loganmember 1983 - 1987
VA7AVBrock NansonMember 1984-88
V.P. 87/88 term (IIRC!)
Licensed in '78 at the age of 12 with original call VE7DLC
Graduated from Civil Engineering (UBC)